Поклонники Жирковых спорят, на кого больше похож их ребенок Inna and Yuri posted a photo of the face of the baby. The famous footballer and his wife for years concealed from the public, as is their youngest heir. But now Jirkova freely post pictures with his participation.

      Yuri and Inna Zhirkova become accustomed to life in the Northern capital. The footballer was part of the team “Zenit”. The family of the athlete moved after him in Saint Petersburg. The option of living in two cities ina had not even considered. “Children should be with daddy. Yura workout in the morning and in the afternoon he is home and works with children – walking, playing,” explained the designer of the brand MiloMilo.

      The other day Inna and Yuri celebrated in the city on the Neva will be the first birthday of his younger son’s Danecki. Fans of the pair was happy to see the baby’s face, which the spouses ceased to hide. However, the followers of the stars had differing opinions as to who is more like a younger heir Jerkovich.

      “Hurrah! Wait! No wonder long concealed, Sonny – just handsome”, “wow, what a blood strong mom! All the kids are so like your mother! The eyes are the same”, “it seems to me that it looks like just for daddy, not mommy”, “All as a single mom! Copies! No the father is not like. Eyes all alone”, “Inna, you are beautiful. And the kids you have with Yuri is just lovely”, “What cute kids. Each other as similar, as a blueprint! Happiness to you”, “Beautiful! A little gubastik most charming,” stated the fans of the football player and his wife.

      Recall that footballer’s wife gave birth to a third child in one of the capital’s maternity hospitals. The boy was born with weight 3350 g, height 52 cm just before the third birth, the star admitted that will remain in Moscow and not go abroad, as do many celebrities. In the capital Zhirkov has his own doctor that is attentive to her and monitors her health. Perhaps to him she’ll be back for the fourth baby.

      According to Zhirkov, her children dream about another child. “I love children, and the more, the better. And the children, Yes, dream on sister,” said Inna.

      Mother of many children Inna Zhirkov struck the wasp waist

      By the way, the wife of Yuri Zhirkov proud of the successes of their older heirs. So, Dima plays football, and Milan has been dancing and already know how to cook delicious meals. Daughter is trying to learn from mom is her beauty secrets, and sometimes asks her to wind her hair or paint your nails.