Впервые: трейлер фантастического фильма «Ночные стражи» с Леонидом Ярмольником.
In the film about the struggle of the vampire clans was played by the Russian star.

The movie “nightwatch” about the life of the beyond Moscow and the struggle between two vampire clans made in the genre of “fantasy”
young Director Emilia televison. Werewolves, vampires and witches, exist. And
if you still have not experienced them, it is the merit of the Department for supervision over
representatives of an alternate reality – that the authors and filmmakers.

The protagonist of the film — night Express courier service Pasha Smolnikov (played by Ivan Yankovsky,
grandson of Oleg Yankovsky and the son of Philip Yankovsky and Oksana Fandera, who continues the famous acting dynasty). A young man accidentally becomes a witness to the Stripping of criminals
possessing supernatural abilities in one of the capital’s hotels. But he rescues the beautiful Dana (actress
Love Aksenova) from evil spirits. Representatives of the secret
special services offered him a job in the secret Department “N” of the Metropolitan police.
This Department controls the entire Moscow evil — goblins, devils, mermaids,
vampires and so on. Mentor Pasha is an experienced operative Gamayun (Leonid
Yarmolnik), with whom the former courier explains: the capital became the scene of
another round of power struggles between powerful clans of vampires, and saved Dana is one of them.

a good attempt to make urban fantasy in the Russian cinema remains the famous “Patrols” Timur Bekmambetov. Not coincidentally, the title of the new film in the much-loved by viewers all over the world the genre resonates with “the Night watch” Bekmambetov. “Night
guards removed on the original script Oleg Malovichko. The idea Malovichko one
of the producers of the movie Vadim Goryainov believes the key to the success of the film: “Oleg
Malovichko managed to create a whole new world, which previously did not exist. We have
all causal relationships are adequate, everything is explained and has its roots.
I would as a reference to our film not only did “Twilight”, but “Men in black”. I hope that we will be able at the outset to explain to the audience
that it will be a lot of fun.” It is expected that the “nightwatch” will be released in Russian cinemas on August 25.

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