Анна Шульгин закатила себе детскую вечеринку Daughter, Valeria, was 23 years old. In the night of Tuesday to Shulgina threw a party in one of Moscow restaurants. During the festival, the hall made a cake with lit fountains, and the guests sang “happy birthday to you.”

      Анна Шульгин закатила себе детскую вечеринку

      Anna Shulgina today celebrates his birthday. Daughter Valerie from his first marriage was 23 years old. Family and friends gathered to congratulate the girl on this holiday in one of the restaurants of Moscow at night on Tuesday.

      From midnight Shulgin accepts congratulations. The girl doesn’t believe she is already 23 years old. The singer said that her first congratulated the members of its official group in social networks “Ashkali”. However, the most important words and warm wishes Anna were waiting for from mom. Valeria posted on his microblog a photo of the heiress and wrote a touching congratulation.

      “Beautiful, brilliant, touching, funny, brave, naive, vulnerable, desperate, funny, wise, bold, kind, love my girl! How fortunate that I have you, my only dochula, my friend and Advisor! Today is our last day. 23 years ago you came into my life. I congratulate you happy birthday! I want you to be healthy and feminine and happy, so you were always in creative search, and felt the satisfaction from what you achieve, that you have not swerved from its path that has always remained true to himself. You have all the fun! Rejoice every moment of his beautiful youth! Infinitely loving you, mommy!” – these words the singer has dedicated to his daughter.

      In the evening relatives, friends and colleagues of Anna gathered at the restaurant located in the Italian quarter of Moscow near metro Novoslobodskaya. Video from holiday the heiress Valeria posted on his page in the social network. In complete darkness, the waiters brought in a cake decorated with sparkling fountains. Shulgin was embarrassed and did not blow out the sparkling candles. Valeria hugged and kissed the daughter, and then everyone in the restaurant people sing “happy birthday to you.” Anna laughed and did not release from the hands of one of their gifts – large Teddy bear.

      Video posted by Anna Shulgina (@anna_shulgina) Jun 20 2016 at 4:34am PDT

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