Для Шварценеггера создали единственный в мире электрический Mercedes-Benz

Arnold Schwarzenegger became the proud owner of a luxury car. Actor and former California Governor is now able to flaunt in front of friends car new — generation all-electric SUV Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

As reported by the Western media machine was manufactured by the Austrian company Kreisel under the individual order in the single copy.

The choice in favor of the electric car was not done by accident. As you know, Schwarzenegger has long been concerned with problems of environmental pollution and climate change, but he was repeatedly criticized for the fact that his car collection in the bulk are machines that these same pollution and provoke.

Arnold even had to translate one of his “hammer” on the hydrogen project cost him 21 thousand dollars.

Now the actor will not be able to throw a Shoe at me and say that it does nothing to improve the situation.