For brad pitt established a real surveillance

За Брэдом Питтом установили настоящую слежку The actor will still be able to see heirs to the Christmas holidays. However, the man will be able to meet them, accompanied by the medical worker. Ex-wife stars presented to him a psychologist, because it still considers it potentially dangerous for children.

      Brad pitt is under the total control of his ex-wife. Despite the fact that the couple announced the breakup in mid-September last year, during the whole time the actor was able to visit their children only after the appointments with the psychologist. This doctor pitt attends regularly. Communicates with a celebrity, and then determines whether the meaning of man to see the children. He personally appoints the date of meeting brad, she asks him to tell us about their plans and carefully monitor the emotional background of a celebrity.

      Brad pitt couldn’t celebrate the New year with children

      Angelina Jolie has banned brad pitt to approach children without the presence of the social worker and provided the analysis results on the blood levels of alcohol or prohibited substances. It is interesting that the star of “Malificent” did not deny father the opportunity to celebrate with sons and daughters Christmas, however, immediately after the celebration took them to Colorado.

      Apparently, brad pitt doesn’t like the conditions ex-wife, but sources close to the actor claim that the man is ready to agree to anything angelina Jolie did not deprive him of the opportunity to spend time with children. From the very beginning of the divorce process, the actor had repeatedly sought custody of the heirs, but Angelina has taken every means to prevent this. Besides, 15-year-old son Madagsacar pitt to threaten to spread in the Network video, which depicted a fragment of an argument between parents.

      By the way, recently the actor has demanded in court to maintain strict confidentiality on the case. Western tabloids think that the way the actor is trying to hide Podrobnosti family life, in which there was violence. Insiders do not understand what the actress wants to achieve a counterclaim, because a few months ago the Department on the issue of family closed the case on abuse of pitt with children for lack of evidence.