Футбольные легенды: Пеле. Королевское прощание
At the 1970 world Cup in Mexico football world last saw the King in all his greatness.

Футбольные легенды: Пеле. Королевское прощание

Pele, three — time world champion. 1970 world Cup in Mexico

Photo: Imago/TASS

“In 1970, a three-time world champion, the only ever footballer was Pele. It was the only full Cup of the King of football”, — said Georgy Cherdantsev, a sports commentator and the author of the encyclopedia of football “world series History” (published by AST).


Despite going to the Mexican championship talk that the venue and date of the tournament promise of quality football because of the heat, high humidity and high altitude championship in Mexico was a success. The tournament, which was first broadcast to the whole world in color, was full of goals, attacking football and gave the fans one of the best matches in the history of football — semi-final Italy-Germany.

Incomparable was also an opportunity to see the team play, which is considered one of the strongest, if not the best in the history of the teams. This, of course, talking about Brazil, which became world champion for the third time and forever got possession of the “Golden Goddess” — trophy Jules Rimet.

Suffering Cup that survived the Second world war, as legend has it, kept in the house of the Vice-President of FIFA Italian Ottorino Barassi in a box from under the Shoe somewhere under the bed, so he went to the Nazis. The Cup, which was stolen and mysteriously discovered before the world Cup in England, has found its last refuge in Brazil.

The rule, adopted in 1930, the world Cup is sent for permanent storage Federation, whose national team wins the tournament three times. Unfortunately, the Brazilians failed to protect the “Goddess”. In 1983, after another public display of the historic trophy is named Jules Rimet was stolen again. This time irrevocably. The burglars found a “Golden Goddess” no. Rather, it was melted. In Federation of football of Brazil now has a copy, and since 1974 the best teams in the world awarded in the new Cup.

In 1970, a three-time world champion, the only ever footballer was Pele. It was the only full-fledged championship, the King of soccer. As you may recall, in 1958, Pele was a boy and started his way in football, in Chile, he barely played due to injury, in 1966 against Pele played unimaginably rude. In the end it all ended badly for Pele and the Brazilian national team who have failed the English championship.

Футбольные легенды: Пеле. Королевское прощание

Photo: courtesy of AST

In Mexico football world see the King in all his glory. Tarcisio Burgnich, Italy defender, so I say about Pele after the final: “I thought he was the same person as I am. Of flesh and blood. I was wrong.” On the eve of the world Cup in Mexico late in the fall of 1969, Pele scored his thousandth goal in his career.

He had another football dream — to return to Brazil the title of world Champions and for all to get the trophy Jules Rimet. After the failure in England Pele for some time retired from the national team, but two years before the Mexican championship is back to fulfill his dream.

Performance it contributed to the Mexican fans, many of whom were fans of Santos, the club for which Pele played. When the team of the home team left the tournament, all of Mexico rooting for Brazil and personally for the King of football Pele. Special for Brazil was the semi-final match with Uruguay.

Tragic, otherwise you will not say the defeat in the domestic Cup final of 1950 was not yet forgotten by many fans and players. Then, 20 years ago, Pele, as a 10-year-old boy promised his father that one day he will avenge Uruguay, and now the day has come. The game started in Brazil is not easy. Uruguay took the lead, and the future three-time world Champions could not manage to equalize.


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Футбольные легенды: Пеле. Королевское прощание

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  • Футбольные легенды: Пеле. Королевское прощание

Футбольные легенды: Пеле. Королевское прощание

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