The participants of “VIA gra” unhappy with the new soloist

Участницы «ВИА Гры» недовольны новой солисткой Anastasia Kozhevnikova admitted that she and Erica Herceg really miss the former participant of the trio – Misha Romanova. New Olga Muganskaya studies in Saint-Petersburg, so, a girl living in Kiev, only see each other at concerts.
Участницы «ВИА Гры» недовольны новой солисткой

In April of this year, the producer Konstantin Meladze has introduced a new member of the group “VIA Gra” – 20-year-old Olga Meganslaw. However, while the girl did not have two months to become as one with other soloists of the band. Anastasia Kozhevnikova admitted that the reason for that – rare meeting, as new studies in Saint-Petersburg.

“Erica it’s all developed already. More rehearsing Olga. We meet at concerts. It is rather difficult. Because with the former by our team, Mike, we all lived in Kiev and everything was mobile. It was easier. Now something like that”, – said Anastasia.

Olga Muganskaya replaced left the band, Misha Romanova. For five years, after Konstantin Meladze has completely revamped the team thanks to the contest “I Want in “VIA GRU”, the girls worked together. Now, Anastasia Kozhevnikova, Eric Herceg and miss the former soloist.

“I’m not gonna lie, still we are very accustomed to each other. The Troika, which was. But she is very good person, she sings beautifully. For me it was very important that the soloist took not just for the sake of beauty,” admitted Kozhevnikova.
Участницы «ВИА Гры» недовольны новой солисткой

Now Misha Romanov is preparing to become a mother – that’s why she decided to leave the band. But Olga is ready to sacrifice his studies in order to be able to fully give themselves to creativity and performance in the popular girls ‘ group. Muganskaya was hoping to arrange a sabbatical to pursue higher education later.

“Olga was born in Yaroslavl. From early childhood the girl is engaged in music, graduated from music school, but the first higher education in the specialty “teacher of history and English.” At the moment Olga is studying for a 3 course pop music Department at the Leningrad College of culture and arts,” this was Olga at the production centre.

Anastasia Kozhevnikova admitted in an interview with the program “high life”, Konstantin Meladze did not consult with them when I decided to choose a new soloist.