Первое фото сына Теоны Дольниковой привело в восторг фанатов
A young mother was shown touching the baby.

Teona Dolnikova

Photo: @Instagram Teona dolnikova Dolnikova

Teona Dolnikova decided to show photos of their first child, born in February. Artist published in social networks together with the baby. It depicted him with a long-awaited son. “Me and my little rapper!” — joked Dolnikova.

By the way, Theon tried to keep their pregnancy and birth in secret. That she first became a mother, learned only a week after the happy event. The name of the baby Dolnikova not disclosed.

Subscribers actress was immensely glad that she introduced them to her baby. Many congratulated the young mother with the birth of his son and wished good health. “What a lovely photo! Theon in the role of mother — adorable!”, “Oh my God! Who’s so sweet lies? Lovely toddler. More!”, “Happy mother with baby — lovely, Healthy son! A mother more patience!” — posted by Theon.

The child’s father was the actor Maxim Schegolev. Dolnikova began a relationship with him about a year ago, but yet about the wedding, the lovers do not say. Perhaps, now that their house has a baby, they decide to tie the knot.

Meanwhile, if Teona newborn was the firstborn, then Shchegolev her first — born- the fourth child. Maxim is the son of Ilya actress Tatyana Solderboy and two daughters, Maria and Yekaterina, born in the first marriage with actress Alla Kazakova. After the divorce with his wife at Shchegoleva had an affair with Yulia Zimina, which, incidentally, also recently for the first time became a mother.

Before meeting with Maxim Theon was engaged to Nikita by Bychenkova, but her fiancé died. The actress has not been able to recover after this loss, but the care and love Shchegolev allowed her to return to life and be happy again.