Андрей Чуев нашел себе новую девушку
Andrey Chuev, a former participant of the TV project “Dom-2”, suffered a hard break with Marina Africanoboi.

Андрей Чуев нашел себе новую девушку

After leaving telestroke Chuev has been actively engaged in a career. He builds cottages, and the social network shares information about new technologies.

But often his message slips Lisa’s name Korobovskoe.

“How beautiful you are, youth and become ready with you to play, because years back, but if you’re near, I feel younger and be next to worthless, I bitnum decrepit and sick, you make me crazy. Ah, youth, how taste your sweet, intoxicating smell, my brain is biting you and caresses, but in life anything can happen,” posted the girl 36-year-old Andrew.

Many fans believe that Lisa is very similar to the ex-girlfriend Chueva.

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