Первое интервью Деми Ловато после курса реабилитации

Первое интервью Деми Ловато после курса реабилитации

Known 27-year-old singer demi Lovato was invited to speak at the summit in Los Angeles. The girl first agreed to do the interview after almost died from a drug overdose. She underwent a long rehabilitation and is now able to talk about my life openly.

The girl on the summit admitted that her life is now changed dramatically, she said, how was the recovery process, does her fame, and touched on the topic of loving yourself and your body.

Now every time she looks at herself in the mirror, she sees a man who has experienced much, a man who fought. With her words, she is not a champion, but a great fighter who will continue their struggle no matter what.

After the overdose, demi had to give up a lot, she broke up with her boyfriend and dedicated the year of rehabilitation. This process was soul-searching, she learned to accept herself for who she is. To prove it, Lovato was published on the page in Instagram photo in swimsuit, but the picture is not normal. The girl tried to show all the cellulite that is present in her body. So she tried to prove that is not shy about herself and loves her body.

Under the photo of the girl wrote a post about the fact that she doesn’t always feel comfortable in your body. Yes, she sees the flaws and doesn’t hide them, she is not trying to prove to someone that her splendid body. The most important thing for her at this stage of life is good health. Yet she does not seek to become a girl with model looks, the singer is enjoying life without drug addiction.

At the end of the interview demi spoke to a young celebrity. She told me that she became famous at the age of 7, her career began quite early. The singer admitted that at this age any girl would want to go on stage and become known around the world. You also cannot hide the fact that fame gives you special privileges, but it also has a downside. Those disadvantages, which lie behind the popular, remain with a person for the rest of his life. Once you become famous, you won’t be able to get rid of it, even if you strongly want — this is worth remembering for young artists.

It will be recalled that demi Lovato in the summer of 2018 was in the hospital in critical condition because of a drug overdose. Doctors managed to save her, but the rehabilitation still had to go.

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