Деми Ловато прокомментировала свою передозировку наркотиками

Demi Lovato has experienced a lot lately. Two weeks ago, the singer was hospitalized with a suspected overdose of narcotics. The singer has found the strength to personally comment on the situation. In the message demi thanked everyone who prayed and worried about her health.

“I have always been honest, talking about her drug problem. It is a disease, and it does not simply disappear with time. This is something that must be constantly overcome. Your positive thoughts and prayers helped me through all of this. Now I need time to focus on your cleansing. I look forward to the day when I’m free,” writes Lovato, thanking family, friends and hospital workers who fought for her life and a speedy recovery.

“Now I need time to continue treatment and focus on sober living and recovery. I will never forget your love, and I’m really looking forward to the day when I can say that I finally crossed to the other side. I will continue to fight,” — said the artist.

Demi many years struggled with drug and alcohol addiction and in my experience presented a documentary called Simply Complicated, in which he told about the hard time.

In recent years, the singer passed repeated treatment to overcome the addiction, but as you can see, without success. To support the star decided Kim Kardashian, Nick Jonas and his bride Priyanka Chopra , Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande and many others wrote posts in Twitter.

Now Lovato is feeling much better. According to the insider close to the star to Hollywoodlife: “demi is much better. Her family and friends. Now her assistance”. Star also supports the ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama. He visited demi in hospital. Took a picture of the paparazzi outside the hospital. The source also added that after discharge from the hospital Lovato go to rehab, so her upcoming concerts cancelled.

The singer lost consciousness at his home in Los Angeles. Caused by a brigade from the performer was hospitalized in serious condition. The place was raided housing. Narcotic drugs were found. However, the room was discovered the opioid receptor antagonist, which is used as antidote to overdoses of heroin. “Her friends that caused an ambulance, knew that she could help her, if there was something like that. They have on hand by any means. Fortunately, they had an effect,” say the insiders.

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