Уволенная из «Ленинграда» Алиса Вокс записывает сольный альбом
The singer will be performing in the style of electro-pop.

Уволенная из «Ленинграда» Алиса Вокс записывает сольный альбом

Alisa VOX

Photo: @alisavox (Instagram Alice VOX)

Last week the group “Leningrad” with the scandal left
vocalist Alice Vaux. The singer did not despair, and already engaged in their own project. In April she presents a clip, and in June plans to release a solo album in the style of electro-pop (a Genre of electronic music dominated the sound of the synth.— Approx. ed. 7days.ru). The names of the songwriters that will be included in
the next album, they are still kept in secret. The song “Leningrad” Alice to perform
prohibited. By the way, soon the tour starts VOX.

By the way, over the dismissal of Alisa VOX broke real scandal. The singer first said,
that voluntarily leaves the group, because he wants to continue his career as a solo
by. The group leader Sergei Shnurov has been expressed quite a different opinion. On his page in the social network
Cords explained the reason in “star disease”
VOX. “Invented by me and made by the staff of the Heroine of the myth pretty quickly and
naively begin to believe in their divine nature. And we are not Goddesses
can. We then fired the pots,” commented Cords. Dismissal Alice also spoke wife
Shnurov, who accused Alice of ingratitude.

Recall, Alice Vaux came to the group in 2012. The year she
worked as a background singer, and 2013 has already become
a full-fledged member of the team. Initially, the Cord took Alice to the group on
the period of maternity leave Yulia Kogan. But
VOX was able to quickly gain the professional position of the leader of the group — and
Kogan was dismissed. However, many argued that the Cords did it because of the outbreak
the “star” disease in the soloist. Yulia herself then commented on his dismissal
“I allowed myself to argue, and Sergey is a genius, and he will not tolerate”.

Alisa VOX and Sergey Shnurov

Photo: @alisavox (Instagram Alice VOX)

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