«Всем нужна сенсация»: Шарлиз Терон о разрыве с Шоном Пенном

For the first time after the breakup Charlize Theron told about the novel with Sean Penn, the reasons for the gap and their daughter August.

Novel Charlize Theron (Charlize Theron) and Sean Penn (Sean Penn) lasted a year and a half — since the beginning of 2014 to June of 2015. After breaking up, the actors did not comment on its decision. In the April issue of WSJ magazine Theron is the first time being honest about the cause of the break.

Anyone have the scoop. When a relationship ends, everyone is waiting for crazy drama or some crazy story. We had a relationship, and at some point they have outlived their usefulness. And we decided to leave. That’s all.

Almost two years before the beginning of the relationship with Penn Charlize Theron adopted a boy named Jackson (Jackson). The actress said that Sean Penn has always shown understanding and care in relation to her son: “For both of us, such relationships were a novelty. Stories about what Sean was going to adopt Jackson, is not true. It doesn’t happen in 18 months. It is wrong to treat the child.”

Everyone knew that I was a single mother with a little boy who needs to explain that mom’s Dating a man, but he’s not the father. In this situation, you need to be very cautious and honest, and Sean with this task coped.

In the early fall of 2015 Charlize adopted a baby girl from South Africa who was named Augustus (August). The desire to take care of a second child, the actress said at the time of the novel with Sean Penn and did not give up the idea even when they broke up.

“I made no secret that I want children. To make such decisions together, the relationship should be very strong. But not always everything goes as you want. I couldn’t foresee, but my duty as mother to protect the child. We had this understanding. Sean knew that I was going to apply for custody, but we didn’t do it together,” said Charlize Theron.

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