Федор Смолов рассекретил новый роман Athlete published a provocative picture. Fedor Smolov is resting on the sea in the company of a striking brunette. Fans player began to discuss his new passion and to compare with the previous one.

Last weekend ended one of the most important football events in the world – the FIFA confederations Cup. This year the winner was the German team. The team of our country said goodbye to the dreams of the title at the stage of the playoffs. After you defeat one of the strongest Russian players of CSKA Moscow could not hold back tears on the field, but now the athlete decided to rest after the exhausting training abroad.

27-year-old man spends time in the company of charming brunettes. He has published in the microblog: she kisses him on the cheek. Apparently, the young people were relaxing on the boat. Smolov left no comments to the photo, than even more intrigued subscribers.

The star of the Russian football has appeared in the social network model of Julianna. Frame Fedor gently embracing the girl’s waist. The couple looks perfectly happy.

“This is Fyodor, and he will now live with us,” Julianna wrote in the microblog.

Football fans left many comments. Some thought that it looks great with a young model. “Well, not to marry, he gathered her, let him walk boy”, “Live in love or just to relax?”, “Cheers, Fedor, congratulations! Finally we showed her,” wrote a follower.

Not so long ago in stories “Instagram” sportsman published the picture, which shows that he holds the hand of a mysterious stranger. In an interview, he’s gone from a direct answer and did not tell about his personal life.

I must say that the photo with the girls from Smolov appear with surprising regularity. In September last year, almost identical photos appeared in Fedora and model Sofia nikitchuk. The girl admitted that she was familiar with the athlete for two years, but at that time did not understand who they are for each other: friends or lovers.

Admires Victoria Lopyreva Fedor Smolov

Fans also remembered the parting of a footballer with a friend Keti Topuria Miranda Shelia. She talked about what the athlete was the initiator of the breakup of their relationship. She admitted that dreamed of a wedding with Smolov, but her dreams did not come true.