Федор Бондарчук и его 5 причин следить за событиями Кинотавра
Correspondents 7days starting a series of exclusive reports from Sochi.

Fyodor Bondarchuk announced the five reasons, because of which is
to go to the film festival “Kinotavr” this year. Did this producer and Director
original in a humorous manner. For example, before you begin
transfer the undoubted merits of the Kinotavr-2016, he personally wiped
the eyepiece of the camera, so the picture was clear and crisp.

The first two reasons are closely intertwined with each other and
related to the fact that at the festival this year will be a lot of newcomers and their works,
you should pay close attention. “The number of newcomers has
more than half of all announced participants,” says Bondarchuk.

The third reason is to see
sun. And that, in the opinion of the producer, – excellent prospects. After all, while guests
Kinotavr in Sochi rejoice in the light and warmth, Moscow was established cloudy
cold weather.

“Fourth – the dance” – said Fedor. And indeed,
festival parties are equally popular among guests and participants than
the film screenings. And usually the dance ends at dawn.

Well, the fifth reason is the most tempting. Maybe you
you’re lucky, and you will be able to communicate with Fedor! Anyway, Bondarchuk
hinted at such a possibility.

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