Антонио Бандераса избрали президентом
The actor thanks his children

Antonio Banderas

Photo: Splash News/East news

Antonio Banderas received serious, according to
many, honor. He was appointed President of the fashion Week held in Miami. The actor, dressed in plain black
jacket and jeans torn at the knees, delivered his “throne” speech, noting,
that personally he would like to “turn the fashion into a new way of communication between

A novice designer, which considers itself Banderas,
really very flattering that he chose for this honorary position. After all
he became interested in fashion relatively recently. Only last year he
started training at London’s Central Saint Martin’s — place,
where studied the most famous designers. However, Antonio took up the matter very seriously and have already
this autumn I intend to present my first menswear collection.

The interest in fashion came from the actor after his divorce with Melanie Griffith. “My life has changed dramatically in the
the last two years. I decided I needed to try something new, and
if not now, then never!” — said Banderas. And the direction in which he
decided to develop, as told to Antonio, he helped choose his children — native daughter of Stella and
a daughter of his wife from his marriage to Griffith with Don Johnson. Particularly successful in this
Stella. As the actor explained, she was never particularly obedient, including
and in that question, how she should dress. She always tried to look
exactly as he saw fit. And Antonio eventually realized that it
really important — after all, so Stella “Express themselves”. And looking at
her, he understood how a person looks is really important.

Lucky for Banderas, his new friend Nicole
Kimpel, whom he started Dating after he broke up with Melanie,
approved his new hobby. It is therefore quite natural that at fashion week
she came along with the actor.

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