Fedor and Svetlana Bondarchuk announced the divorce

Федор и Светлана Бондарчук заявили о разводе The pair decided to remain friends. After 25 years of marriage, Feodor and Svetlana Bondarchuk realized that their paths diverged. In this case, the spouses said that he is very thankful to each other for the happy years they spent together.

      Федор и Светлана Бондарчук заявили о разводе

      Famous film Director and TV host has made an official statement about the divorce. According to Feodor and Svetlana Bondarchuk of, they are no longer a couple but remain friends. 48-year-old Fedor and 47-summer Svetlana Bondarchuk decided to leave. Celebrities made an official statement in which he expressed to each other the appreciation for 25 years of living together, and has maintained a close relationship that will turn into friendship. According to Feodor and Svetlana, their marriage was a wonderful time, and their divorce is not worth any differences or disputes.

      “With love and gratitude to each other for years, lived together, became close friends, maintaining a mutual respect and love for our family, we, Fedor and Svetlana Bondarchuk, to announce: we have decided to divorce. The time together was wonderful, but today we parted ways because of this fact there are no conflicts, grievances, or controversies. We are no longer a couple but remain friends,” the statement said Bondarchuk.

      Let’s remind, Fedor and Svetlana have two kids together: 16-year-old Barbara and 25-summer Sergey. The daughter of Bondarchuk, which parents are strongly protective of the press attention, is in the clinic abroad. She was born prematurely, so she has features of development. “Our Cooking is bright, cheerful child, who immediately has to itself,” – said in an interview with Svetlana Bondarchuk. As for Sergei, he starred in the films. On account of his role in the films “Stalingrad”, “Warrior” and “Champions: Faster. Above. Stronger.”

      The star couple met when Svetlana was in school. 19-year-old Fedor immediately drew attention to the high spectacular blonde. But at some period of life has dissolved them, and only a year later, they again began to communicate. In 1991, Feodor and Svetlana have registered their relationship, becoming one of the most beautiful and strong pairs of domestic show business. They have not only children but also grandchildren. Recently, however, began to go hearings about disagreements between spouses. One of the reasons gossip is, for example, the fact that she practically never publish photos of her husband on social networks. Recently, however, she showed subscribers a rare shot of a family gathering, it looks like Fedor and Svetlana together with grandchildren and a dog. This shot dispelled the speculation of many spiteful critics, but, as you can see, for a while. Celebrity decided to break up.

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