Отец Прохора Шаляпина находится в психиатрической клинике

Mother popular Russian artist Prokhor Chaliapin known to many, but the father of the artist, the fans and journalists learned for the first time, and this information shocked them. As it became known, for several years, the father of the singer Andrey Zakharenko is in a psychiatric hospital.

About my dad u never told me and now know why it happened. To the clinic Andrei Ivanovich came after twice spent time in prison. In the program “New Russian sensations” that goes on NTV, the singer admitted that he hated his own father.
It turned out that from the heavy hand of Andrei Ivanovich suffered himself Prokhor (real name Andrey Zakharenkov), and his mother. Dad often drank and beat the household, and because my childhood memories of the singer is not very good, and the father – and all negative.
Chaliapin admitted in an interview that before nine years had caused strong shaking even the sound of footsteps of a parent. When Andrei Ivanovich was imprisoned for robbery, for his household, it was a real celebration and relief. Mother Prochorus married again, and he went to conquer the capital.
When the villain is the father left to chance, it wanted to savings of his mother, grandmother artist. On hearing this, Prokhorov came to his native Volgograd to stand up for the elderly woman. At that time, the father of a celebrity already being out on the rampage to earn his elderly mother’s money. The singer admitted that then, as never before, wanted to father’s death, and was ready personally to strangle him.
After some time Andrey was in a psychiatric clinic. The grandmother of the artist died, and Prokhorov realized that to carry in my soul the heavy burden of resentment – our own peril.