Lady Gaga will not take money to perform at the super bowl

Леди Гага не возьмёт денег за выступление на Суперкубке

A penny will not take the popular American singer Lady Gaga for her performance at the super bowl, which is scheduled for February 5. It may sound strange, but many stars do not require fees for the performance during the break of this popular sports game. As it became known earlier, the NFL didn’t pay the fees the group Coldplay, Bruno Mars, Beyonce and others. It would seem that what is the benefit popular artists to lose this chance to earn.

But what the popularity of each of them significantly increased after the performance at the super bowl, sales of tickets and albums has increased significantly.
“We don’t pay the artists, only covered promotional services and costs on the show” — said Joanna hunter, a representative of the NFL. If this year everything will be as in the previous, the new album of Lady Gaga “Joanne” has the potential to become platinum.
We will remind that earlier in mass media it was reported that Lady Gaga, a big fan of the democratic party and opponent of Donald trump will speak from the stage about politics, but later is the celebrity denied this information.