Отец Жанны Фриске представил шокирующие подробности семейной жизни Шепелева
Vladimir Kopylov is ready to exchange the dirt on Dating with her grandson.

Dmitry Shepelev and Zhanna Friske

Photo: Legion-media

While Dmitry Shepelev absorbed in the upbringing of his son Plato, the father of Jeanne Friske, Vladimir Kopylov leaves no hope that they will be able to participate in the life of a grandchild. Since a peace Treaty has not succeeded yet, Vladimir intends to seek a meeting with Plato by any means.

As it became known, the singer’s father allegedly has proof that Dmitry under a false name to withdraw money from the account of the civil spouse. According to Kopylov, the TV presenter to conduct banking operations under the name… Jeanne Shepelev! The fact that Janna is not officially changed my name and all, according to Kopylov, never used aliases.

Vladimir is sure that a person withdrawing money from the account of his terminally ill daughter when she was already in critical condition, it is Dmitry. In addition, the head of the family Friske, insists that the power of attorney Shepeleva, where he conducted financial transactions, in particular regarding the purchase of a country house, is in principle “lime.” Their accusations Kopylov ready to confirm the police, but if Dmitry will allow him a meeting with the grandson, he, the boy’s grandfather, he was ready to proceed with the case.

“By and large, we criminal case is not necessary, and personally, I don’t want to see Shepeleva in prison. We put the question simply: Dmitry, let Plato to see family! If Shepelev is going, all the rest, we close our eyes. Now Dmitry with Plato returned from vacation, and it is hoped that he will meet us, it will be possible to remove mutual complaints and not to fight!” — quoted Vladimir kp.ru.