Andrew Hagolan returned from their honeymoon with a suitcase full of food

Андрей Гайдулян вернулся из свадебного путешествия с чемоданом еды
The actor’s wife boasted a rich table.

Андрей Гайдулян вернулся из свадебного путешествия с чемоданом еды

Andrew Hagolan showed himself as a real man-getter! The actor brought from the honeymoon not only sea bright impressions, but also a suitcase full of food. With his newly wife Diana ochilova resourcefulness Andrew proud. In his microblog she willingly boasted food supply in Italy, which Hagolan smuggled across the border.

However, judging by the comments to the image, it is unlikely that food will be enough for the young couple for a long time. To Andrew and Diana have already managed to line up a queue of friends wanting to try so-called “thepresence”.

We will remind that Andrey and Diana after the painting in Tagansky registry office flew to Italy, where she was the main part of the ceremony: wedding photoshoot and dinner with friends. In recognition of the actor, the celebration was organized in a big hurry. To prepare for Italian wedding took less than a month.

By the way, that Hagolan after parting returned to his lover, became known only in early summer. Reunited, they decided no longer to leave and for life to tie the knot.