Отец Анны Шульгиной довел ее до припадков The girl frankly admitted that very much was afraid of her second husband’s mother and his biological parent. According to Anna Shulgina, she was in hysterics when I heard his voice during the divorce process. Over time, the successor of the famous singer stopped so sharply react to the appearance of Alexander Shulgin.

      Отец Анны Шульгиной довел ее до припадков

      23-year-old singer, actress and presenter Anna Shulgin became the heroine of the First channel program “Alone with all”. The girl gave a Frank interview Yulia Menshovoj. Anna told of their relationships with loved ones, and also about the difficult period in life. In recognition of the successor of the famous singer, she was a very hard time after his parents ‘ divorce. Then Shulgina had a nervous breakdown. The budding artist does not hide that he was in an extremely tense relationship with the biological father, producer and composer Alexander Shulgin.

      “The house was dominated by sad and nervous atmosphere. I am wildly afraid. Once, when he was divorce, he called to wish me a happy birthday. I was eight or nine years. I remember that we had a birthday dinner, and then call. Mom says: “Come, I want to congratulate you”. Pick up the phone and hear this voice, and then I have a seizure. It was some kind of epilepsy… remember how you threw up. Then I fought in convulsions in bed. What happened to me, I do not understand. I had a few seizures when I heard his voice and one time saw a man like him,” said Anna.

      Over time, the girl started to take Alexander Shulgin as a stranger. According to Anna, she sometimes sees a man at social events, but does not communicate with him. “So it turns out that we have become bystanders. At the time people thought … He even comes and asks how you’re doing. Can look at and go… When I first saw him after the divorce, my heart sank. I just don’t understand what’s going to happen… But nothing happened. I made up my mind and let go of this situation”, – said Shulgin.

      Anna Shulgina told about the unpleasant meeting with his own father

      His father, a budding artist believes Joseph Prigogine. He turned out fine to get along with the heirs of Valeria from a previous marriage. In the programme Anna told about how he raises the children. According to the girl, when it comes to the choices of the daughter, the producer shows the rigor. “Typical father,” said the girl, laughing. By the way, at the moment, Prigogine’s nothing to worry about: heart Shulgina freely.

      Anna also talked about the fact that he admires Joseph and finds him a top-notch producer. Therefore, Shulgin has already started to cooperate with him. “I don’t understand that in this shameful? Why should I go to someone else’s uncle, if I have such a cool dad?” – explained the girl.