Participant of “Eurovision” Julia Samoilov has shared details of a major operation

Участница «Евровидения» Юлия Самойлова поделилась деталями тяжелой операции The singer told that she had to endure. Last year Julia Samoylova was forced to go under the surgeon’s knife. This step was necessary to prevent complications. Now the actress is feeling well and is preparing to represent Russia at “Eurovision”.

      The last few days Julia Samoylova entire country is talking about. She travels to Kiev at the Eurovision song contest. The singer has a lot to rehearse and even to study English to be able to show the room. Now she is in Finland at the scheduled medical examination. In this regard, Yulia remembered, how was the surgery a year ago.

      “Faster than planned. Six hours instead of nine. I did cut along the spine from head to tailbone. If the operation was not, would have gone to the complications to the internal organs. I had already been hard, the muscles not holding back, sitting was difficult, pinched stomach, I couldn’t eat normally. Breathing was a problem.”

      Now the doctor carefully examined Julia, check whether all goes according to plan and take tests. The operation was not only very difficult but costly. 50 thousand euros for the singer gathered fans. The actress admitted that now feels much better.

      A pupil of Alla Pugacheva about the operation: “Now I can not be afraid of strangulation”

      “If not for the many people who responded and helped me gather a large amount of money, I don’t know what I was doing! I got the money for a couple of weeks. Now I can not be afraid of strangulation, which would come in three to five years as a result of the progression of my disease. At the moment I’m fine, rehab is going according to plan. I don’t need financial aid, but I need viewers and listeners. I hope that my songs will find its fan and would dig me with someone in the soul. I am grateful to all the people who helped me with the surgery and would like to return this welcome to the world” – shared the girl with “StarHit”.

      The girl admitted that she did not dare to go under the knife doctors. To make this step helped her intuition and faith. “The operation was dangerous, tried to dissuade me. The family was in shock, because everyone was afraid of. But I listened to the inner voice, and God helped. I even had dreams about it,” said Samoylova “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

      In addition to the colleagues and fans who supported Yulia and Alla Pugacheva, who took her under his wing at the show “factor a”. The diva said that her trust “Eurovision” is a big dream. And also added that the only joy for the young composer is her husband and creativity. Pugacheva sure that no provocation in connection with the selection of artist with disabilities no.

      Interestingly, the collapsed popularity after a long time could not believe in myself, much doubt, did not know where to go. Help her to choose the way helped Pugachev, who appreciated her talent.

      “I only last year realized that 2013 was waiting for me here-that someone would sign, say, what to sing, and I’m going to do it. At the same the songs that we wrote, was just saved in demo form, and gently lay down on the table. The turning point for me was meeting with Alla Pugacheva in March 2016. I came here to ask for advice, showing their composition. And suddenly she likes one of my songs, and she wanted to buy it! If a Diva wants to buy your creation, you’re such a bad story! Alla gave me then confidence in their strength, given a vector and an understanding of the way,” said Julia, “StarHit”.