Модный дайджест: Кейт Мосс сожалеет о сказанном, а Хайди Клум запускает новое реалити шоу

Heidi Klum

Top news this week, of course, came from new York, where it died down a fashion Week. Their spring / summer collection presented Calvin Klein, Carolina Herrera, Marc Jacobs and many other brands Ralph Lauren, Escada and Longchamp and even celebrating their anniversaries. That happened in the industry in addition, read our digest.

1.Jeremy Scott decided to put the Pets

Fashionistas eagerly awaiting the release of a collaboration between H&M and Moschino, announced in April of this year. The queues at the shops will begin to line up on 8 November, when the collection goes on sale, as long as the designer and creative Director of the brand, Jeremy Scott surprised everyone with a presentation on the expansion of the line. Now shopping will be to grab a pet, because the collection will feature outfits for them! While the designer has released images of the Yorkshire Terrier, dressed in a hoodie with the logo of Moschino.

First H&M asked me to create a line of children’s clothing for collaborations because I have this experience: I produce children’s clothes and for the brand of Jeremy Scott, for Moschino. But I thought that I would be interested to try that I have not done. And I have long wanted to produce a collection for the animals, — said the designer.

2.Kate moss regrets his statements

“There is nothing better than to feel thin” (Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels) is perhaps one of the most iconic and controversial statements in the world of fashion, belongs to Kate moss. The phrase, which was constantly reprinted, was carried on posters and memes, and, of course, condemned, the model dropped during one interview in 2009. The model statement was widely seen as promoting anorexia.

Now moss wanted to take back his words. In a television interview Megyn Kelly she stated that this motto does not even belong to her.

One of my friend said so. And when we went for the biscuits, we kept saying this phrase. It’s kind of a play on words,

— shared memories model.

Kate also said that early in his career felt a bit uncomfortable naked, itemnew one of the first shots at the age of 15 years.

I worked with the photographer woman, and she wanted to get me Topless, but I didn’t like it

said moss.

Not without difficulty passed and the cult shoot c Mario Sorrenti for the ad campaign of Calvin Klein Obsession in 1993, after which the model became really famous.

Mario was my boyfriend, so I was already familiar, and still sometimes I thought, “I Can already wear some clothes?”Модный дайджест: Кейт Мосс сожалеет о сказанном, а Хайди Клум запускает новое реалити шоу

3.Heidi Klum launches new reality show

Last week it became known that, after 16 seasons. held on “Project Runway, a model leaves the show. Together with his colleague Tim Gunn Heidi Klum plans to launch a new reality. In an interview with Hollywood Life, the celebrity stated that this is a very important project for designers.

I want to do something special for designers. Because I have a feeling that they have no opportunity to present their creations to a wider audience. In past shows they received the prize money, but the clothing itself is not sold, but I think this is important

— the star revealed some details of the new concept.

Модный дайджест: Кейт Мосс сожалеет о сказанном, а Хайди Клум запускает новое реалити шоу Heidi Klum

4. Celeste Barber tried to become a model Tom Ford

Comedienne Celeste Barber became the star of Instagram (the blogger almost five million subscribers) due to its funny the collages, which she repeats outfits and poses of models in advertising campaigns or other celebrities, showing what a Gulf lies between the world of glossy magazines and real life. To fashion Week in new York, Barber has released a new video where parodied behind the scenes of fashion shows.

Модный дайджест: Кейт Мосс сожалеет о сказанном, а Хайди Клум запускает новое реалити шоу Celeste Barber and Tom Ford

In the video the actress goes on backstage to the Ford and trying to get into the outfits of the designer (including its help), rehearsing passages on the catwalk. Celeste sneers and over uncomfortable clothing with which to handle the models, over the competition, and, of course, on yourself — not everyone will dare to appear clumsy in front of multi-million audience.

Модный дайджест: Кейт Мосс сожалеет о сказанном, а Хайди Клум запускает новое реалити шоу


5. Maison Margiela has released a belt that curbs your appetite

The brand has released an indispensable accessory for those who are following not only fashion trends but also for their own figure. New leather belt made of genuine leather, stylized under the measuring tape, so that the volume of the waist can now be controlled in real-time. Another question, all will want to put this information on display. New is $ 345 and available to order in three color options: black, white and yellow.