Модный дайджест: от коллекции Полины Гагариной до кроссовок в честь "Игры престолов"

Alexander Terekhov and Polina Gagarina

In our traditional digest summing up fashion week, and recall the most important events that are discussed in the industry: new collections and disrupted screenings to sales and design shops.

1.Polina Gagarina presented a collection for Terekhov Girl

25 Mar started selling collaborations of the singer Polina Gagarina and designer Alexander Terekhov. For the launch of a capsule line set up a meeting with fans in the SEC “atrium”: Pauline and Alexander has personally presented the collection.

Talked to reporters and all who came to the autograph session! Thank you so much for your support, kind words, smiles and sincerity — for me there is nothing more expensive!

— Gagarina shared their emotions in Instagram.

The collection included pantsuits and jumpsuits that can complement a casual-wardrobe and evening dresses, which will certainly appeal to graduates.

Модный дайджест: от коллекции Полины Гагариной до кроссовок в честь "Игры престолов"

2.Karlie Kloss starred in a new campaign for Louis Vuitton

This week, the French brand introduced a new collection of suitcases and Luggage Horizon is Soft, which will go on sale March 29. The face of the advertising campaign was Karlie Kloss.

In addition to the classic brown color, a line added and bright colors: bright yellow, orange and crimson. Feature of the collection, designed by Marc Newsham an ultra-light weight suitcases (only 2.9 kg!), and also in 3D knitted shell.


3.Brand Tegin presented the autumn-winter collection

Wednesday, March 27, CSI “Winery” there has passed display of collections Tegin fall winter 2019/2020. Instead of the classic fashion show guests enjoyed a performance: inside the fenced runway at the high chairs were seated model while the audience walked around them.

The advantage of this format is obvious: all things can be considered in detail. The frozen composition was accompanied by audioperformance Alexis and Alice Tegin — reading Japanese fairy tales in Icelandic.

The guests of the fashion show was Alyona Doletskaya, Evelina Khromchenko, Ekaterina Dvigubskaya, Vladimir Epifantsev, Sabina Akhmedova, Anna Churina, Irina Rakhmanova, Tatyana Dolmatovsky and others.

4.Adidas has released a collection of sneakers inspired by the TV series “Game of thrones”

While fans anticipate the long-awaited final of teleshi, sports brand decided to create for them a special outfit. Adidas has announced the release of a capsule collection of shoes inspired by the main representatives of the seven kingdoms.

Colors of sneakers picked up in accordance with the traditional colors of each house (for example, for the Night’s watch has released a black model, and White walkers — white-blue). On the backs flaunt and familiar to all fans of the motto: “Fire and blood” Targaryen shoes, “Hear me roar” sneakers, inspired by the Lannisters.

5.Chanel Iman launched a new collection of Pandora brand

On March 27, the presentation of the spring collection “Garden of Pandora”, organized jointly with new York-based multimedia Studio Moment Factory. The presentation was held in the format of interactive installations, this week could all new Yorkers.

Guest of the opening was model Chanel Iman, which is the first example of jewelry from the new line.

Модный дайджест: от коллекции Полины Гагариной до кроссовок в честь "Игры престолов"

6.Started off season sales

Spring mood already right here, unlike this spring weather while hanging out in the blooming parks does not work, you can go on a shopping marathon, and the biggest pre-season discount sales will make it even nicer.

So, from 26 March to 8 April in all stores Etam save up to 50% on selected range: panties from 699 RUB (old price — 1 399 RUB.), from bras 1 250 RUB (old price — 2 499 RUB), babydoll from 1 750 RUB (old price is 3 499 rubles).

And in the boutique A La Russe in TG “seasons” from 28 to 31 March will be hot sale with discounts up to 90%: the offer will be outfits from past collections, evening dresses, summer suits and more.

7.The participants of the New Fashion Week Moscow accused the organizers of fraud

Yesterday in the capital was to be launched the so-called New Moscow Fashion Week, but instead of catwalk for young models (demonstrated need was children’s clothing) and their parents had to go out to protest and try to provide the event. Instead of the star guests and colorful scenery, participants found only an empty room.

By the way, participation in the fashion event was not free: as reported by the mothers of young models, and the price was 20 thousand rubles. It is reported that the organizers have collected about 20 million rubles.

Now in a situation, apparently, will have to deal with law enforcement: the representative of the lessor, in whose room and had to go impressions, argues that it has not received payment, and therefore failed to prepare the site. One of the organizers of fashion Week, Karina Hercikova, met with angry victims, but stated that she was a victim of unscrupulous partners, who escaped with all the money.

8.In Paris, opened a cafe brand Jacquemus

In the French capital there was one more place that will attract fashionistas and lovers of beautiful photos in Instagram.

Модный дайджест: от коллекции Полины Гагариной до кроссовок в честь "Игры престолов"

Simon Port of Jammu together with Caviar Kaspia opened in Paris, cafe Cintron. For desserts, by the way, meets a famous chef Cedric Grohl. No cakes in the shape of a lemon, of course, too, was not.


9.Ilya Bachurin, Leva Bi-2, Dmitry Gudkov and others at the presentation of men’s collections

Yesterday, the boutique Dutch brand men’s clothing and accessories Suitsupply presentation spring-summer collection. To look outfits for vacations and business meetings in the very hot days came and many celebrities.

10.Yana Rudkovskaya and Anna Sedokova at the presentation of the brand

Stella Aminova March 28 in one of salons of children’s clothing held a fashion show spring-summer 2019 brand Mum Of Six Stella Aminova. The brand name reflects the status of the founder of the brand because Stella really is the mother of six children. Looked at the event and celebrity guests, including Yana Rudkovskaya, Anna Sedokova with her son Hector, Laura dzhugeliya and others.


Модный дайджест: от коллекции Полины Гагариной до кроссовок в честь "Игры престолов" Модный дайджест: от коллекции Полины Гагариной до кроссовок в честь "Игры престолов" Модный дайджест: от коллекции Полины Гагариной до кроссовок в честь "Игры престолов"

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