Модный дайджест: от коллекции Нюши до содержимого сумки Ирины Шейк


Most of all this week the fashion world was discussing the new collection, and the act model Chanel and Louis Vuitton Vesting Natalie: she made the transgender transition and gave a detailed interview about your sense of self. What the news has taken the industry this week, talk in our digest.

1.Cat Karl Lagerfeld has released a collection of mourning

The death of the legendary couturier has shocked the fashion world in February of this year. Condolences to people who have expressed not only colleagues and friends of Lagerfeld, and his famous cat, Choupette.

Fluffy’s favorite designer (or rather, of course, the creative team, which leads her Instagram) seems to have decided to thank the fans capsule collection RIP Daddy, dedicated to the memory of Lagerfeld. It includes t-shirts, hoodies, notebook, case for smartphone and a mug. All things screenprinted hand drawn supect. The proceeds from the sales will give to a Foundation that helps animals.


2.Irina Shayk unveiled a new collaboration with the brand TOD’s

Irina Shayk took part in the advertising campaign of updated bags D Bag from TOD’s. The model became the heroine of the video (by the way, the shooting took place during Milan fashion Week), which told what she carries in her purse. How is the day star, and that it necessarily takes itself, you can see from the video.


Heroines of the campaign were also Chinese actress Jiang swin, Korean actress Jeong Eun-Chae and Japanese actress Nana Eikura.

3.Olivia Wilde visited the exhibition Baselworld

This week in Basel, Switzerland, opened one of the largest jewellery and watch fairs such as Baselworld. Despite the fact that some brands have refused to participate in the review (for example, Swatch Group), at Baselworld you can see the most anticipated new products from famous brands. So, the new watch presented by the Italian brand Bvlgari. The difference of the new model Octo Finissimo GMT Automatic mechanism to record the subtleties of 3.3 mm. The press conference was also attended by Hollywood actress Olivia Wilde.

4.Uniqlo has introduced a collaborative collection with JW Anderson

Brand Uniqlo has announced the launch of a special spring-summer collection, created in collaboration with British brand JW Anderson. The first part of the collection will go on sale March 23, and the second in early April (date will be announced later).

5.Nyusha presented the collection at the fashion Week in Moscow

Started in the capital fashion Week where their collection of clothes and showed Nyusha — presentation was held on March 20 in the arcade. The spectators were treated not only to defile, but the performance of the NYSE, which is the Ambassador of the brand. Inspired by it, by his own admission, the TV series “Beverly hills 90210” and the early works of Madonna.

Модный дайджест: от коллекции Нюши до содержимого сумки Ирины Шейк Nyusha

6.Tom Ford led the American Council of fashion designers

Rumors about the reshuffle appeared a few weeks ago and now confirmed officially. Tom Ford was replaced by Diane von Furstenberg at the head of the American Council of fashion designers (CFDA). She led the organization for 13 years.

Ford has not yet spoken in detail about his plans, but said that it is the openness of the Council.

I am convinced that the future of American fashion is not just America, it’s global. Designers working in the United States do not necessarily have to be Americans,

— commented Ford.

Модный дайджест: от коллекции Нюши до содержимого сумки Ирины Шейк Tom Ford

7.Aizel has launched a social project #genshiryoku

The campaign focuses on the support and motivation of girls, women and their self-realization in modern society. In the framework of it will be released a series of commercials with successful in their fields by women in Russia.

In the first part of the project involved the journalist and public figure Kseniya Sobchak, the Director and the actress of the “Gogol-centre” Yan GE, model and TV presenter Maria Monogarova and many others. However, to participate, each was invited to tell his success story using the hashtag “I’m a woman I can”. In support of the project and released a special t-shirt — you can buy it on the website Aizel 2 500 rubles.

Модный дайджест: от коллекции Нюши до содержимого сумки Ирины Шейк

8.In Chelyabinsk schoolgirl was beaten for fake Balenciaga sneakers

Memes about the harsh city of Chelyabinsk has long travel through the Internet, but in reality may not be as funny as in the network. So, yesterday in the news, it was reported that the schoolgirl was subjected to isbania from classmates for fake Balenciaga sneakers.

Two weeks ago, daughter asked her to buy on March 8, Balenciaga sneakers. We went out and bought, I gave them seven thousand. I don’t know how much not fake, but what we have here in Chelyabinsk, and wearable. I am the mother of three children, I can then buy the child I bare no walks. And the girls have responded well, either take the money or we’ll beat. All because of the sneakers

— told the portal “the First regional” the girl’s mother. She said her daughter was diagnosed with a brain concussion, closed cherepno-a brain trauma and trauma of the nose.

It should be noted that the cost of these sneakers of this brand depending on model averages from 45 to 65 thousand rubles.

Модный дайджест: от коллекции Нюши до содержимого сумки Ирины Шейк Sneakers Balenciaga

Commentators were divided: on the local portal, which reported on the conflict, some are outraged by the cruelty of teenagers and wonder what the school require a “clarification for gear”, while others believe that in conflict both sides are to blame, and sneakers will posluzhili only a pretext.

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