Модный дайджест: от Елены Летучей в шубе из волка до брутального Эзры Миллера

Elena Letuchaya

Before the New year is just a couple of days in a festive mood are not only we, but also celebrities. They love being the center of attention the whole year during the Christmas holidays, they still prefer to be alone at home. However, life in the world of fashion never stops. SPLETNIK.RU have collected for you the latest news of the year!

1.Elena Letuchaya starred in the campaign of the brand VOLKY

No matter how much thought akamah and Russian ladies between pneumonia and according to world trends put their priorities. For lovers of luxury fur brand VOLKY shot a new advertising campaign, the main character who was Elena Volatile. The presenter brought in shooting the image of a successful business lady and, of course, tried on the fur coat of a wolf.

2.Elizaveta Boyarskaya, Katherine Spitz, Eugene Brick and other Actresses starred in the collector’s calendar

Buying gifts at the last moment isn’t always a curse, sometimes it’s an opportunity to grab a truly exclusive things that was waiting in the wings. So, the charitable Foundation “Russian Silhouette” for the New year released the collector’s calendar, which starred famous Russian actress. On a photo of a celebrity posing in dresses of local designers.

It is interesting to note that Elizaveta Boyarskaya starred for the project, while still pregnant with her second son. We will remind, the actress gave her husband Maxim Matveev another heir in early December.

3.Not only heels: Ezra Miller starred in the brutal photo shoot

Recently we discussed the provocative photo shoot Ezra Miller for Playboy — actor tried on lace gowns, stockings and stiletto heels. And here’s the star of the movie “Fantastic beasts: Crime green de Wald” appeared before the camera in a new, more brutal way. New photo shoot of the stars published in the edition of The Line of Best Fit.

4.Marc Jacobs surprised his tenderness for dogs

Marc Jacobs is a known animal lover. If Karl Lagerfeld is impossible to imagine without his cat, Choupette, Jacobs fanatical breeder. The designer three pet who enjoy a luxurious life not less than their owner! Dogs fly with Jacobs on private jets and try on designer clothes.

Love Brand to their pet knows no bounds — this week, paparazzi caught the designer for the gentle “kisses” with a Staffordshire Terrier named Lady, what immediately wrote to the British tabloids. Well, in the Christmas lull and the news worthy of stripes!


5.Former CEO of Victoria’s Secret has headed the Russian division of the Gloria Jeans

New year is new life! So decided Sharen Terni, the former CEO of the brand Victoria’s Secret. This position Terni has held since July 2006 to February 2016 — from the things she left because she wanted more time to devote to family. But now Cheren decided to return to the fashion business — now Terni will develop brand Gloria Jeans in Russia and CIS. Before the new General Director has set the goal of doubling revenue Gloria Jeans in the next five years.

Модный дайджест: от Елены Летучей в шубе из волка до брутального Эзры Миллера Sharen Terni

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