Fashion digest: Darya Moroz at the opening of the boutique the Suite of Zhostovo

Модный дайджест: от Дарьи Мороз на открытии бутика до люкса из Жостово

Daria Moroz

According to tradition at the end of the week summing up the results of fashion and remember the interesting events of the fashion industry. This time we tell about new fashion collections, Beyonce, new star ambassadors Tous and Crocs, and more.

1.Beyoncé will be designing a collection for adidas

4 April sports brand and a famous singer announced the collaboration. Within the framework of collaboration, adidas and Beyonce, which will be the creative partner of the brand, not only will develop a joint collection, but will restart created by the singer earlier, brand sportswear Ivy Park.

Details about the collection yet — while adidas was intrigued subscribers only concise video is that you can guess about the main colors of the palette of the future collection.

Модный дайджест: от Дарьи Мороз на открытии бутика до люкса из Жостово Beyonce


2.The new face of Tous was Emma Roberts, and Crocs — Natalie Dormer and Zooey Deschanel

Several brands this week introduced the new ambassadors. Thus, the collaboration with the jewelry brand Tous beginning of Hollywood actress Emma Roberts, who even flew to Madrid (the brand is Spanish) to the official presentation.

Global Ambassador Crocs has chosen actress Zooey Deschanel, and the face of the new campaign, Come As You Are (“Be yourself”) was the star of the series “Game of thrones” (Games Of Thrones) Natalie Dormer.

The campaign aims to prove that the comfort, style and freedom of expression are inseparable from each other.

Модный дайджест: от Дарьи Мороз на открытии бутика до люкса из Жостово Natalie Dormer

Модный дайджест: от Дарьи Мороз на открытии бутика до люкса из Жостово Zooey Deschanel

3.Rapper Future performed at the presentation Reebok

Last Saturday in the capital took place the concert of the famous rapper Future — star hip-hop scene was brought to Moscow for a presentation of the updated Aztrek sneakers from Reebok (for the first time this model was introduced in 1993).

Well, before the performance of the headliner (which, by the way, almost entered the hall with “rolls-Royce”), the audience could appreciate the young Russian rappers. SPLETNIK.RU played tickets for this event, and we hope that our winners also had a great time! =)

4.Daria Moroz, Elena Armin van Buuren and others at the opening of the boutique in Gum

Yesterday, April 4, in Gum opened a flagship boutique of the brand of shoes and accessories Pollini. At the opening of the brand has created an exclusive model of clothing and accessories Loves GUM, which was released in 16 copies and will be sold only in the boutique.

Celebrity guests, among whom was Daria Moroz, Elena Armin van Buuren, Yulianna Karaulova, appreciated, and new spring-summer collection.

5.The Pushkin Museum. Pushkin made a collection of Souvenirs, created by artists with autism

April 2 was international day of attracting attention to the problem of autism. Specially to this date the Museum has dated the release of the limited collection of Souvenirs made by people with autism and other special needs.

The project was implemented with the participation of the Fund “way of Life” and workshop “a Special ceramics exhibition center”. A limited range of Souvenirs includes canvas bags, ceramic vase and dishes with drawings in the technique of the decal.

Модный дайджест: от Дарьи Мороз на открытии бутика до люкса из Жостово Collection of memorabilia of the Pushkin Museum. Pushkin

6.The Russian brand has created a capsule collection with Zhostovo

Russian brand of accessories made of silk, wool and cashmere Radical Chic has released a new collaboration with Zhostovo factory of decorative painting. Simple country flowers mixed with a favorite motive of the fans of luxury boutiques and suites, the leopard.


7.News retail: the first men’s collections 12Storeez and customization of things in Outlet Village

Brand 12Storeez launches first collection for men. Mark plans to present the capsule at the end of August — beginning of September 2019.

The idea of producing men’s capsule was born thanks to feedback from our customers. Many of them are closet pick up men and have a good idea of what clothing they lack. Buy women’s and men’s things in one place is also very convenient, because it helps to save time on a quest

— explained the expansion of production Marina Glamazdina.

Модный дайджест: от Дарьи Мороз на открытии бутика до люкса из Жостово Sketches 12Storeez

But in the Outlet Village Belaya Dacha and Outlet Village Pulkovo in this week there are discounts on shoes and accessories. Visitors additional discounts up to 40%, shares 1+1=3 and discounts when buying multiple things.

In addition, on 6 and 7 April can be customized new shoes, sneakers and handbags purchased in outlets.

Модный дайджест: от Дарьи Мороз на открытии бутика до люкса из Жостово Outlet Village

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