Fans were delighted with a bold photo of Christine Asmus

Фанаты пришли в восторг от смелого фото Кристины Асмус
The actress allowed herself a small prank.

Kristina Asmus

Photo: @asmuskristina Instagram Christina Asmus

Kristina Asmus for many years — an exemplary wife and mother. The artist publishes in the Network footage of performances and rehearsals in the theater, rest with her beloved husband… But all the girls, as you know, sometimes you want to “horse around”. Recently she shared the indiscreet, had won great popularity among its subscribers.

Kristina showed a brave photo where he demonstrated his forms just below the back. Expecting criticism from detractors, Asmus preset recording #tigmate. However, the artist need not have worried — the fans have unanimously decided that we should not be ashamed of these photos. It is, according to fans, it’s not vulgar and vulgar, but a very artistic and stylish.

“A good photo. Keep it up! And who does not like, so let them not look!”, “When the mother with such a figure, not a sin. Who vs let the silence munching cakes”, “From the fact that a woman became a mother, she loses her sexuality and confidence! And those who condemn them, just an insecure person!”, “Christine, I think, a very intelligent girl. You can also add a little coquetry,” “the Great figure,” wrote Asmus enthusiastic fans.