Fans of Olga Buzova attacked Alexander Panayotov

Фанаты Ольги Бузовой набросились на Александра Панайотова
Between the artists of the brewing scandal.

Фанаты Ольги Бузовой набросились на Александра Панайотова

Alexander Panayotov

Photo: @Instagram Alexander panaiotov Panayotov

Olga Buzova

Photo: @buzova86 (Instagram Olga Buzova)

It seems that in the world of Russian show-business becomes ripe the next scandal. Alexander Panayotov recently let myself slip in the address of Olga Buzova. Criticism of the singer was the cause of his bullying in social networks.

It all started with the fact that Panayotov shared on social media his opinion about the singing talent of Olga. “I still absolutely contraindicated to watch show such as the Grammys.. I then go a few days terribly depressed, almost depressed… How polar our musical worlds… the Gulf between us… Beyonce, Adele… what is there to speak..? Beautiful and young singer Jacob Collier, who was spotted on instagram the legendary Quincy Jones, has received 2 Grammy.. not because daddy paid for. But because it really is mega talented! And we all celebrate the leading reality show, which suddenly decided to sing… what about that?” — Alexander asked from a subscriber.

Fans of Olga felt that Panayotov his words insulted her. “Buzova not a singer, it’s normal people understand. Who’s watching her life, he realizes that she is a good kind man. Wanted to pootkryvali mouth under the plywood. Why not. Now the majority of on the stage”, “Ugh! No man’s act,” “And what do you not say similar about their other colleagues in the scene? Afraid?” — they wrote.

Actually Panayotov could hardly expect that its publication will produce such an effect. Most likely he just wanted to share my thoughts on the state of Affairs in the music industry.