Поклонники Марии Погребняк шокированы ее заявлением о липосакции Fans of sexy blondes believe it, and so excessively lean. Maria Pogrebnyak shared the salon, in which she came for the procedure by reduction of the fatty layer. Subscribers woman surprised by her desire to become even slimmer.

      Поклонники Марии Погребняк шокированы ее заявлением о липосакции

      The wife of footballer Pavel Pogrebnyak Maria is the admiration of thousands of subscribers in their appearance. Large mom works as a designer and sometimes she demonstrates new products of their brand, and her figure can be envied by any woman. To always stay in great shape, Maria attends a training session in the gym, and goes to beauty salons for special treatments.

      Recently Pogrebnyak is testing a new-fangled sessions for correcting the shape of the body. Before striking blonde told its subscribers in the social network that will do non-surgical liposuction. In the post she explained in detail what the essence of the procedure.

      “Is it on special medical physiotherapy machine with a “cold” laser. Comfortable, pleasant process: the special coating placed on problem areas and affect laser diodes. As a consequence of the significantly reduced fat “problem”. That is, if someone has side, folds or “breeches” on hips, laser lipolysis is a blessing! By the way, there is a large probe (for wide areas such as the sides or belly) and small (elbows, knees, and even for fixing on the second chin!”, explained Pogrebnyak.

      Fans of the model was shocked at her decision to change the body. According to most, it has no extra. “Where do you even liposuction! And so thin man is number one!”, “Mash! You are all perfect”, “Just wants to disappear from the world because of its obsession with diets and liposuction”, “You’re gorgeous, you do not need it”, “You are already there there is nothing to clean,” wrote a follower.

      By the way, recently Maria was visited by another procedure, during which her body was attached to a belt with electrodes, he had an impact on the stomach area. In addition to self-care in clinics, Pogrebnyak has given much time to cardio training and stretching. This year she set a goal to do the splits. Maria Pogrebnyak commented on the rumors about anorexia

      Previously, the wife of Pavel Pogrebnyak told subscribers about how she supports the skin young and fresh. She explained what I was doing needle free mesotherapy, which was ecstatic, because, in her opinion, this is a great alternative to injections. Beautician used two serums: one for dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, and the second with the function of skin saturation with oxygen.