Алекса о ребенке: «Вот оно счастье!» The graduate of “factory of stars” published a picture with the baby. Alex fans were quick to congratulate her on the birth of a baby. The singer did not dispel the intrigue and left assumptions of followers without comments.

      Алекса о ребенке: «Вот оно счастье!»

      The viewers found out Alex on the project “Factory of stars-4, after which for a long time, the singer disappeared out of sight. In recent years she has changed, both externally and internally. The actress continues to delight fans, showing the happy moments of your life in Instagram.

      So, Alex surprised new the. The photo showing the singer holding a baby, caused a hot debate it in the microblog. Apparently, a newborn baby has just came to light. Baby sleeping peacefully in the cradle, and Alex looks at him gently, bending.

      “Here it is happiness!” – shared his emotions the singer.
      Алекса о ребенке: «Вот оно счастье!»

      It is not surprising that the majority of subscribers thought that the star became a mother. Even her friend at “Factory of stars” Irina Dubtsova wondered whose kid is that. “If you saw me, you’d know” dick replied star girlfriend. However, this was the only comment from Alexa. The remaining questions of followers she left unanswered.

      Meanwhile, among the fans of the actress appeared different assumptions. “Is that your miracle?” “Sasha, this is your goddaughter?”, “It’s definitely not her baby”, “Her sister gave birth to twins, if I’m not mistaken,” – he put forward his version of the subscribers of the star. Most likely, to congratulate Alex on the birth of your baby really premature, because it is often published fresh pictures, and there was no hint of pregnancy.

      It is obvious that Alex is the chosen one, the warm feelings which she hides.

      Recently the singer posted a romantic photo with your loved ones. Despite the fact that Alex showed his chosen, no other information about his personality she didn’t. Artist only enthusiastically described his life after meeting with the new boyfriend.

      “This is happiness, to realize that there is such an incredible person in my life that never ceases to please me, surprise, proud, sincere smile, to be real. You – man-magic!” – wrote in his microblog star.

      Alex publicly endowed the beloved with a passionate kiss

      Fans were delighted that the singer everything’s fine. “I wish you happiness! I liked the “Factory”, after I have, unfortunately, not seen often. Wanted to see you, but you are happy and in love. Let it be always!” “I’m so happy for you, Sasha. Be happy” “He is with you very, very lucky,” commented the followers of a celebrity.