Фанаты Кети Топурии восхищены ее сходством с матерью The singer shared a snapshot with their favorite women. At pictures fans of the stars saw mommy Katie Topuria, which the artist rarely shown in his microblog. Fans were amazed by the beauty of women and noted that the singer is very similar to his cousin.

      Keti Topuria often pleases fans of photos with his little daughter. Olivia is a very beautiful baby, which collects hundreds of compliments from users of social networks. The most attentive followers of the star have considered that the heir to like a singer. Daughter Katie Topuria strikes an unusual resemblance to mom

      However, seeing a new picture in the microblog Topuria, her fans realized from whom she gets her delicate features. Pictured is Katie, her mum and little Olivia. In the caption to frame A’studio soloist congratulated his cousin with a birthday party and admitted that he loves her very much.

      Fans of the star noted that the mother of the singer looks very young. “Beauty”, “How do you like mom”, “Strong genes! Beauty in the third generation,” “One person”, “Three beauty,” wrote Katie followers. Most social media users joined in the congratulations star daughter and wished her relative health and happiness, adding that she’s a wonderful grandmother.

      Mom Kathy is helping with the education of Olivia, while the singer is on tour with a group A’studio. Also stars have a nanny who looks after the child. However, according to Topuria, she doesn’t allow anyone to spoil the daughter. “It is important with the child to negotiate. If you want a doll, then do something, for example, to learn the poem. The child should not be the impression that everything comes easy,” said Katie in an interview.

      By the way, the singer is very close with his mother. Natalia had a hard time after the death of her husband and father of Katie Andro Sanodze in 2010. It was rumored that he was serving a sentence in a General regime colony and was considered a kingpin. At the conclusion of the forensic experts, the man died of a massive heart attack. Topuria did not discuss with the press the death of her loved one, only noted that he was unjustly convicted.

      Recall that little Olivia was born in 2015 at a clinic in Los Angeles. Topuria chose not to stay in the decree, and, having returned to Russia, rejoined the band in rehearsals. Besides, Katie quickly regained slender figure, and concert outfits again sat on her perfectly.