Фанаты Дмитрия Нагиева сделали ему подарок в виде нового граффити

Last week on his page in social network Instagram Dmitriy Nagiev launched into a tirade on the fact that the country’s officials are doing, or rather pointed to the fact that they are doing right and wrong. Critics of the actor subjected to the decision of the St. Petersburg authorities to paint the wall of one of the buildings of the city on which was a picture of Sam Harvey in the role of one of their serial characters.

Apparently, Dmitry was hurt from the fact that more of the building facade on the citizens not to watch the ensign Zadov (character name), but also a showman, angry and lost, answering the question of what the facade more attractive: shaded yellow in haste or a talented work of street artists?

His solution to the St. Petersburg officials are unlikely to change, because admirers Nagiyev decided to support him breaking the law.

Painted on the wall on the Sinopskaya embankment they made a new graffiti in support Nagiyev, depicting the roles of Traktovenko — neighbor ensign Zadoff, which in a Comedy series as well played Dmitry Nagiyev.

The actor so far on the new graffiti has not responded. I will assume that the pattern he likes.