The participants of “Battle of psychics” was robbed on the train

Участницу «Битвы экстрасенсов» ограбили в поезде

And the old woman is proruha. Hereditary witch from Krasnodar Margarita bakhtiyarova arrived in Moscow for the filming of the seventeenth season of the popular mystical show “Battle of psychics” and on the way, right in the train, she stole a huge sum of money.

We are talking about a hundred thousand rubles, which Margaret was going to live in the capital during filming.
“I took these notes in Krasnodar, thinking “what if there would be some Commission in another city, drove them around in my purse for food, accommodation. I am a man of power-sensitive, like all who have power. Riding the subway with her husband and as a single place smelled “something must happen”. Bag kept under the supervision of, almost in a knot tied up!” — a psychic told reporters about the trouble. Margaret told me that the bad feeling she was still, and does not exclude that the theft at the hands of unfair competitors. According to clairvoyant, other cast members often induce damage on each other and strongly interfere with their colleagues to win the contest.
About your loss Margaret told the organizers, but a statement to the police refused to write – once her, and there is no hope that money will find. Despite the unpleasant situation, bakhtiyarova not upset, says that thus ransomed from something bad that had happened to her.
“I saved your own health! It’s the law: a higher power is something taken in return. When someone tried to bring damage to me, to hurt me, I took the money. They bought me” the psychic said.