Поклонники Бейонсе уверены, что она беременна

Messages about the breakup Jay Z and Beyonce breaking on the facts that say otherwise. Not so long ago the press began to appear the news that Paradise came disorder – say, the musicians decided to divorce because of the constant betrayals and bastard child Jay-Z, who were born in the early 90s.

A little later the Western tabloids were full of headlines about the fact that the couple decided to acquire one of the most expensive houses in Los Angeles, the price of which is $ 200 million.

Today there is a new argument in favor of the Carter family remains strong and United as before. We are talking about Beyonce’s pregnancy.

Поклонники Бейонсе уверены, что она беременна

The rumors about his interesting position provoked the Queen Bee. The Network was exposed to the video, which the singer posed with a distinctly rounded belly. The fact of the pregnancy could not hide even bulky clothes.

Interestingly, the video was immediately removed.

Reviews about this from family has not yet been reported, but their environment is confident that in a short time blue ivy becomes a big sister: “Everything from the environment, beyoncé silent when it comes to rumors about her pregnancy, and it’s weird because usually they just deny any lie. It makes me think that all this gossip is true,”- told the portal HollywoodLife informer. And added that for the divas to wear baggy sweaters strange, and, in addition, all long since know that the couple really want a second child.