Фанаты в шоке: самолет Роналду разбился

Private jet striker Madrid “real” Cristiano Ronaldo made an emergency landing. But neither the player nor the crew was not injured.

As you know, one of the highest paid players in the world like expensive “toys” sports cars latest models, helicopters, private planes. But the thirst for luxury almost cost Ronaldo health.

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Recall that according to Forbes, the player of the Portuguese national team ranked first in the ranking of the richest players. Order of 52.2 million he makes a year only in the team and another $ 30 million on advertising. Of course, when such income would be amazing to meet a star economy class passenger aircraft.

In January of this year Cristiano bought another toy – a private jet for 19 million euros.

It’s not a plane, but a real house on the wings – it has a kitchen with a stove, several bathrooms, bedrooms, white furniture. The ship can carry up to 10 passengers. Ronaldo not once bragged about it in their social networks.

And now, to make another flight, luxury aircraft crashed while landing at the airport of Barcelona. Gear down, the plane sat on the “belly”.

Fortunately, Ronaldo was not on Board, the crew members also were not injured, but the liner will have a serious and expensive repair. And while repairing a machine, the star will probably have to temporarily fly with the entire team.