Блейк Лайвли родила второго ребенка The mother and the newborn feel fine. Blake lively and her husband Ryan Reynolds attended numerous congratulations. The star of the show “Gossip girl” is trying to keep secret the details of a newborn child.

      Popular Hollywood actress Blake lively became a mom for the second time. As reported by the foreign press, the birth of the actress was held in new York. While the happy parents keep any information about the child confidential. Blake lively and her husband Ryan Reynolds not announced the gender or name of the newborn baby. Now mom and baby feel great.

      The couple first became parents two years ago. As well as this time, they did not immediately disclose detailed information about their child, and the news that the actress gave birth to a child, was leaked to the press only after a couple of weeks. It was known only that the baby was born a little prematurely. The star of the show “Gossip girl” later told me that they named their daughter James.

      The actress admitted that she always dreamed of a big and happy family, but because pregnancy and childbirth was a happy period. She was looking forward to the birth of the first child.

      “That’s what I always wanted, ever since I was a little girl, she said. – I never knew what I wanted to do in life. But I knew I wanted to have many children because I come from a big family, and it’s always been important to me.”

      Her husband also supports the idea that Blake to become a large mum. Ryan used to live surrounded by brothers and sisters.

      “We both come from big families – my parents had four children, the wife’s family – five,” said Reynolds in conversations with journalists.

      Famous actors got married in 2012. Celebrity arranged a secret wedding after a year of a romantic relationship. Your Union, they bonded in the state of South Carolina. The ceremony was attended by only relatives from both sides and actress Bette Midler. Due to the high secrecy of the event, the details of the marriage remained secret. Wedding cake for Ryan and Blake brought specially from Virginia.

      The couple started Dating since October 2011. Ryan and Blake met on the set of the film “Green lantern”. Earlier, in 2010, Reynolds divorced his first wife Scarlett Johansson. For Blake the marriage first. Prior to that, she was seen in relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio.