Поклонники обсуждают кадры супруга Пелагеи с маленькой дочкой Ivan Telegin enjoy Association with heiress. The singer’s husband happily spends time with six-week baby. Young dad walking with a girl, clearly having fun, nanashi with a baby.

      The singer Pelageya, who has recently became mother of a beautiful girl Taisia, known for his dislike to talk about his personal life. But because fans of the singer carefully find the Network at least some detail, showing that the young mother is happy and enjoy the family idyll.

      And on the eve to the delight of fans Pelageya in Instagram footage appeared, which depicted the spouse of the singer, hockey player, Ivan Telegin with his little daughter Taisiya. Their subscribers shared a friend of the singer by the name of Catherine, who herself is a young mother.

      In the frame two young father – husband of Pelagia and the husband of her friend. Happy father walking in a snowy Park with strollers, in which they peacefully sleep their heirs. The faces of young men looking so happy, it is clear that they enjoy communicating with infants. “Papanui”, signed nice frame a friend of the singer Pelageya Catherine. Subscribers were cut to two men textured rolling carriages, which give poignancy of their brutal images.

      “Lord, what are Bunny”, “Very cute”, “Dad they are”, “and now moms in frame – Field and Kate”, “What a good daddy,” “big Polka Hello”, “you Can always look at it!” “Wonderful dad” – such comments left by fans under the post telling about one of the first trips in the life of the daughter of the singer Pelageya and her husband Ivan Telegin.

      Recall that the famous singer first became a mother on January 21 of this year. Her husband, hockey player Ivan Telegin Pelageya gave a charming daughter by the name of Taisia. Pelagia for the first time became a mother

      Happy father Sam told reporters about the new addition to the family, unable to keep his emotions to himself after victory. “When a goal is scored, rocked the stick, because the child was born. Yesterday a girl called Taisia. Me at the stadium was presented as a gift roly-poly doll”, – shared the athlete on January 22.

      A young mother to sit up in the decree did not, and on February 23, a month after shining on the big stage. Pelageya performed at the jubilee concert Nicholas Rastorguev. The artists performed a duet of the song “I go Out at night in a field with a horse.”