Фанаты обсуждают откровенное свадебное платье Пелагеи
In a Network there was a unique picture of the singer with the hockey player Ivan by Telegony.

Pelagia and Ivan Telegin

Photo: Instagram.com

Last summer, Pelagia and her lover — Ivan Telegin in strict secrecy and got married. That day at the exit of the Registrar, the paparazzi managed to do a few blurry pictures. And recently in social networks appeared the first photos from the wedding ceremony of Pelagia. Thanks to the posted photo fans have the opportunity to consider in detail the wedding dress of the actress.

Fans noted that the singer is in her wedding day looked stunning. Elegant lace dress with a long train is stressed the dignity of the figure Pelagia. Especially liked the fans of playful cutouts on the dress, which were located in the area of the hips of the performer.

By the way, since, as the Pelagia struck up a romance with hockey player she tried to completely classify private life. She stopped attending social events, has canceled all performances and gives no interviews. The only place you can now come across Pelageya — in the stands of the hockey matches her blessed. Soon, the singer must first become a mom, but even being pregnant she still supports Telegin in responsible competitions.