Эмили Ратажковски прогулялась по Нью-Йорку в нижнем белье
Model shocked passers-by with its lace negligee.

Emily Ratzkowski

Photo: @emrata Instagram Emily Ratzkowski

The residents of Manhattan have experienced a real
the shock of seeing a pretty girl walking down the street with a dog on a leash. Amazement
passers-by called, of course, not the dog, but
how was the girl dressed. More precisely, however, would be to say that she was
naked, because her only clothing was a black lace panties and
the same style bra. Report on the walk beauty, which was identified
popular 25-year-old model Emily Ratzkowski posted the online edition of the Sun.

Actually Emily, as it turned out, came to
the street naked is not forgetfulness and the desire to shock residents
respectable quarter. She was preparing for an advertising photo shoot new
lingerie collection for the famous brand DKNY. Note, for this shooting Ratzkowski had
to show a fair amount of courage. After that day, when she appeared passersby
your negligee, the temperature in new York was slightly above zero. However,
Emily handled the situation like a real Pro.

Incidentally, Ratzkowski and prior to that loved
to please its fans with risky shots. So, in March of last year Emily gave
a photo shoot in one of the public toilets — starring Topless in the company of Kim Kardashian. And for a party held after the meeting in early January 2017
the ceremony of “Golden globes” Ratzkowski showed up in this outfit
many guests looked at her sheepishly looked away. The fact that when
the movement of the skirt model with the split front was open, exposing
flaunting her underwear. The amazing thing is that as recently told to the reporter
The Sun is one of the young men who studied
once with Emily in College, in those days Ratzkowski was extremely shy
special. So her classmates still can’t believe the rapid transformation
Emily, who had become one of the most successful young models in the world .