Fans did not recognize the photo Oxana Fedorova

Фанаты не признали на фото Оксану Федорову
At the time, Oksana Fedorova became the “Miss universe”, since it’s been 15 years.

Фанаты не признали на фото Оксану Федорову

Over the years in a woman’s life has undergone great changes, the changes affected the appearance of the star.

Recently a heated discussion has caused a new hairstyle Fedorova.

The other day in the microblog Oksana has appeared the unusual with the stars makeup. Some fans barely recognized it as a star.

“Today’s weather is not happy, but it pleases me a great makeup artist Anna. Chic makeover series “I want a make-up” and transformation – the best way to lighten the mood. Ether radio “Orpheus” was a success. Anya, thank you very much,” wrote the model.

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