Поклонники раскритиковали Ивана Урганта
The broadcaster over the summer has changed.

Ivan Urgant

Photo: @Instagram urgantcom Ivan Urgant

Ivan Urgant has returned from her vacation almost unrecognizable. His appearance has undergone serious changes. One of the most charismatic presenters has grown a thick, impressive beard, which was quite like a different person. “The end of summer…” — he signed the presents. New style Urgant does not hit the tastes of his fans, who harshly criticized it.

“What have you done to yourself?”, “Robinson Urgant urgently to shave the beard!”, “This vegetation is not for everyone, that’s Ivan.” commented on them. Of course, there was a small part of the fans who were pleased with the changes in the image of the stars, confessing that he looks solid. However, most likely it’s a summer “version” of the presenter. Soon his shot on television will resume and Ivan would be forced to say farewell to his luxurious beard and go back to the classic costumes.

We will remind that not so long ago, for the first time showed a picture of his little daughter — Valerie. The TV presenter posted a touching photo of the legs of the baby made on the coast in California. Face 10-month-old daughter Ivan with his wife until the show, but fans have no doubt that such a beautiful couple, the girl will grow up a real beauty!

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