Поклонника Ольги Бузовой уличили в многочисленных изменах The TV presenter is once again faced with betrayal. Roman Gritsenko denied that he had changed Olga Buzova. However, the polygraph test proved otherwise, but in the Studio there were some girls that the young man allegedly had a connection.
Поклонника Ольги Бузовой уличили в многочисленных изменах

In the show “Dom-2” has again launched the competition “Wedding in a million”. In the framework of this event the pair are competing for the right to throw a gorgeous ceremony. But before that they will have to prove the sincerity of his feelings.

Suddenly the protagonist of the next edition of the show was Roman Gritsenko. He said that he was going to participate in the competition together with Olga Buzova. It surprised many fans, because the presenter is not in official relations with the young man. In addition, the participant “House-2” was recently offended the young singer, so their communication has almost disappeared.

Leading Olga Orlova decided to prove that the novel is not sincere to Olga, so it is checked on the lie detector. The results shocked many of those present.

“According can be seen that the novel repeatedly changed Olga. So, during the Christmas holidays he definitely had sex with multiple girls. In addition, the polygraph shows that the novel uses the relationship with Olga for the sake of PR, but he has no feelings for her,” said the expert.

He Gritsenko strongly disagree with those presented by the results. He claims that he did not engage in sexual contact with since confessed to feelings Buzova. According to the young man, the whole polygraph test was initiated by leading only in order to discredit him.

Andrey Chuev decided to call Olga Buzova, to learn her opinion about the situation. The presenter, who at the time was in Thailand, was definitely very upset about what is happening.

“I can tell you that our wedding will never be. The Roma are free to do whatever you want. However, we can never be together, no matter how well I to him nor treated. Before leaving, I asked Roma not to spoil my mood. In the end, you called me, and the mood was gone. Now I smile, but then I think about all heard,” – said Buzova.

And then in the Studio were girls, which confirmed the fact of treason Gritsenko. They saw how the young man behaved frivolously while relaxing at the club in his hometown. However, Roman denied the allegations.

He again stressed that the faithful Buzova and wants to build a relationship with her. However, the audience in the Studio didn’t believe the romance. As a result, their pair is not passed to the next stage of the competition. And yet, fans of “House-2” are confident that the impact will not stop the persistent young man and he will continue to seek the sympathy of the presenter.