У основателя группы A'Studio появились проблемы с законом Police raided and searched the restaurant of the founder of the group A’studio. In law enforcement bodies suspect that the school operates an underground casino. Began the official test.
У основателя группы A'Studio появились проблемы с законом

Law enforcement officials held in the capital’s restaurant Emperio cafe search. They found a gambling table, cards, chips and a machine to shuffle cards. Administrators of institutions have confirmed that guests were playing cards, but denied the fact that the restaurant illegally operates casino.

However, we found facilities for playing cards were confiscated and declared that it would conduct a formal inquiry.

Law enforcement officers visited the restaurant after received the denunciation from anonymous. If the fact of the organisation of underground casinos will be proved that the owners of the penalty is a large fine and up to six years of imprisonment.

On the official website of the restaurant says that the Creator of the restaurant Emperio cafe is the founder of the band A’studio Baigali Serkebayev. In addition, the institution is positioning itself as a “Musical house Baigali”. On the main page also posted a photo of the musician.

However, the spokesperson of the musical group A’studio Victoria Nuriyeva reported that “Baigali Serkebayev has nothing to do with this restaurant,” reports ren.tv.

He Baigali, like other musicians prolinnova team, do not give any comments.

Ocenim, Serkebayev – producer and founder of the band A’studio. He is the son of people’s artist of the USSR, well-known Kazakh Opera singer. Baigali graduated from the Almaty Conservatory on a piano class. Serkebayev is married, he has two daughters. In June of this year Serkebayev will celebrate the anniversary – he turns 60 years.