Famous futurologists and numerologists Irene Poe and Julie Poe presented a new book Irene Poe and Julie Poe are the founders of Alvasar International Academy of Numerology. Famous futurologists and numerologists Airan Poe and Julie Poe presented a new book “Prophecy. The World on the Edge” />Now they have published a new book called Prophecy. The world is on the edge.” Work on it was carried out by its own publishing house, created in 2017. The authors told how the idea of ​​writing this work came about, and what they want to convey to their reader.

The idea of ​​creating a book

At present, the topic of predicting the future is extremely relevant. Events are taking place in the world that change the way of life of all people on the planet. No one could have imagined that in 2020 humanity would be overtaken by a global virus, 2021 would be the most destructive in terms of climate in recent decades, and 2022 would bring sanctions pressure and a crisis in the banking sector. The titans of the world economy have left the Russian market, but the country is strengthening its position in the political arena. Such events were not foreseen by any expert.

“Thanks to numerological calculations, we were able to warn our readers and students of impending changes in advance. Every year we publish a forecast for the next year and talk in detail about what will happen – both in Russia and in the world, in all areas and spheres of people's lives. Next year will be very eventful and extraordinary for modern history. It will forever change the usual ideas about the world order, world politics and economics, so we decided to give our readers a numerological tool, the author of which we are. This is a technology that makes it easy to calculate the events of the coming year. Each of you will be able to look into the future and plan your actions,” said futurologists Irene Poe and Julie Poe.

Famous futurologists and numerologists Irene Poe and Julie Poe presented a new book

What the book is about

In “Prophecy. World on the Edge” presents calculations for predicting events. It will not be difficult for any person to make an individual forecast of his business, project or even a separate contract. Futures analysis describes everything that can happen in a very concrete and figurative way.
The book allows for a collaborative prediction between people, companies, plaintiff and defendant in a case. Nothing escapes attention. And most importantly, this is not mysticism, not fortune-telling, but a strict mathematical report based on individual characteristics – date of birth and name.

Famous futurologists and numerologists Irene Poe and Julie Poe presented a new book

Who will be interested in the book?

The book can become a friend and adviser on many issues. Since the formulas for calculations are extremely simple, even those who have never been interested in numerology can master them. The publication will be useful to a wide audience: couples, careerists, businessmen, political and public figures, creative people and scientists.
“If you knew in advance that SWIFT would collapse in the spring of 2022 and all foreign exchange transactions would be suspended, would you change your investment tactics? Would you buy components in advance, realizing that the cost of equipment will increase significantly? Our readers and subscribers of the YouTube channel “Numerologist Julie Poe” knew about this as early as December 31, 2021. Now, everyone will be able to make calculations and adapt their lives to turbulent times,” famous futurologists Irene and Julie Poe are sure. no numerology. Knowing in advance that a crisis would begin, understanding the consequences of sanctions pressure, Irene and Julie Poe bought enough paper and paint to produce books in thousands of copies over several years. Realizing that international logistics will not return to the previous conditions for another 3 years, they also organized an electronic library.
“We want our readers to be able to get the most important tool for their use,” emphasize the founders of the Alvasar International Academy of Numerology Airen Poe and Julie Poe.

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