Фади Фаваз обиделся на родственников Джорджа Майкла

The funeral of George Michael passed in secret from millions of fans. Given the huge number of those wishing to attend the farewell ceremony, relatives of the singer have done everything secretly. Despite rumors about the plans of the father to bury him on the island of Crete, its last refuge of a musical legend found at Highgate cemetery in London, the place where the relics of the mother of the artist.

Recall that the singer died three months ago, on Christmas morning, 2016, at the age of 53 years. To avoid the crowd of fans, family, George decided to bury him secretly. On the ceremony of the burial didn’t even Fadi Fawaz, a hairdresser and the last beloved of George. In fact, he told everyone about the impending funeral of his boyfriend.
As it became known later, relatives Michael asked Fadi not to come, that really hurt Fawaz. But he did not care about their wish and saw him at the number who came to say goodbye to the singer, among whom were Kate moss and Jerry hollywell-Horner.
“One of the relatives of George didn’t want to see Fadi at the funeral. They were silent until the end, and then gave him the wrong address and time of the funeral,” said insiders.
After the funeral, Michael’s family has made an official statement in which he said that the singer was interred and asked not to disturb them in this difficult period.
Recall that, surrounded by Michael Fawaz disliked. Everyone thought that the young lover is only playing their artist’s money.