Danny DeVito broke up with his wife after 35 years of marriage

Дэнни Де Вито  расстался с женой после 35 лет брака
Ended one of the longest marriages in Hollywood.

Danny DeVito with Rhea Perlman

Photo: Imago-Images/TASS

Fans Of Danny DeVito
sad. During his recent interview with 72-year-old actor announced that he
and his wife, 68-year-old actress Rhea Perlman have decided to part ways.
This statement marked the end of
one of the longest marriages in overseas show business, after all, ray and Danny
was legally married for 35 years, and lived together even longer — as much as 46 years! About
this was announced by the Internet site hollywoodlife.com.

Danny and Rhea met in 1971, when she came
to see the play with his participation. And although it was just a couple of weeks later
they began a life together, a wedding, DeVito and Perlman played only 11 years old
later. During their marriage, they managed to raise three children
have already become adults: senior Lucy is 34 years old, grace is 32 and the youngest
Daniel is 30 years.

It seemed that their
marriage all is well. But although Danny and his wife knew and
supported each other, Ray had to put up with the fact that Danny, in which
it is difficult to suspect the hero-lover, in fact, desperate womanizer.

And once the wife of actor
patience. It happened five years ago, and the occasion was his next
having an affair with a young partner on the play at one of the London theatres.
Then ray kicked Danny out of the house, and it is only by some miracle managed to beg
her forgiveness a few months later. They reconciled, and DeVito told
friends that he and his wife are going to bring each other to repeated vows

But last year Danny
again, “distinguished”: caught in
flirting with Sandra Siling, Director of Evolution International Film Festival. And this time ray was determined.
Danny again tried to restore
peace in the family, spending a lot
time. But now he was forced to admit that he was defeated. However,
as assured DeVito, he and ray will still be friends.