EXCLUSIVE! Rose Sabitova said offended brides

ЭКСКЛЮЗИВ! Роза Сябитова ответила обиженным невестам
Famous matchmaker commented on the scandal involving allegations of her fraud.

Rose Sabitova

Photo: Press service of the First channel

From time to time some clients Rose Sabitova blame
famous matchmaker that she was not able to find suitors, but her for
the services provided by her Agency, the money was paid. Recently, several girls accusing Rose
fraud, decided to file it in court.

“Such slander on me appear with regular
frequency — tells Sabitova 7days.ru. —
The story began in 2013, the year when PR IRBIS decided to make me some money. It
claimed to have been my Director, that’s not true, but beside me were hanging out. And
here he was displeased, threw mud in the press, me, my activities,
my senior friends and my children. We, of course, filed in
the court, which, unfortunately, lost because you incorrectly made the claim. But
the boy is still more offended, and persuaded some brides to act against

Rose never hid from his clients that not every
of them it will end the wedding. “Even the doctors have said, his own
cemetery — explains Sabitova. And I always warn that not all will be able
to help especially women to reach childbearing age. Moreover,
when requirements as grooms to the brides and brides to
suitors. But among my former clients still was unhappy. If you have patience, then
you can keep track of all these twists and turns in the Network: the same actors, but
now headed by a new character in this story — a lawyer, but
IRBIS all the time there is somewhere near.”

According to Rose, its activity is not checked
the relevant authorities, but did not find violations. “I’m still going
continue to Woo, despite the scandals didn’t — still a rose. —
I do a lot of people helped to gain the family fortune, some of the couples have children
I went to school, and the family and children about what is important in life”.