Exclusive! Nicole Kidman admitted that is afraid of her husband at Cannes

Эксклюзив! Николь Кидман призналась, чего боится ее муж в Канне
Recognized as the Queen of the festival told 7days.ru about your “secret weapon”.

Nicole Kidman and Keith urban


Nicole Kidman was brought to the Cannes film 4, and a week without interruption went on the red carpet for this intense program, you need to have nerves of steel, after all, Kidman is not a girl. We were able to talk with the star after the premiere of the picture “the Killing of a sacred deer”, where, according to the strict festival critics played one of the best roles in his career.

— How is it that four projects at the Cannes film festival with your participation — this is a unique event in the history of the festival. Difficult for you, perhaps?

— It’s just a coincidence. It happened, and my husband found out about it shortly before the start of the festival. But, you know, I’m not complaining. Being next to my beloved husband. Keith loves to accompany me to the festival and he likes to be involved in all the processes taking place on the Croisette. Before the premiere of the film “the Killing of a sacred deer”, where I play the wife of a surgeon in the performance of Colin Farrell (coincidentally, a partner of Nicole in two contest paintings became Irish actor), Keith admitted to me that shaking with fear. And true, it literally got the creeps, so he was worried about me. Never ceased to talk about the film, just could not stop. During the show he really wanted to use the toilet. But decided not to get up and stayed to the very end. (Laughs). This is a good sign — it means he liked it!

— You are fearless. Undertake projects that do not guarantee a, say, commercial success…

— How can you refuse a film if the role offers Sofia Coppola? She uniquely knows how to shoot, to feel, to live with his actors, every moment on the court. Besides, I consider it my duty as an actress to support women Directors, in principle, consider this your mission. So few of them in the movie. And I can afford to give them a voice. And how in our time refuse to play such Director as yorgos of lanthimos? His “Lobster” in the last year made a splash here in Cannes, for his incredible style, a genre, no one will confuse. And I was happy to star in his new film “Killing sacred deer.” Yes, even with a partner like Colin Farrell. Like this directed to someone or not, but it should be on hand for what he does. It’s an honor he’s got to shoot for any actor. Such films should exist. Just have to!

But the fear is always there. Should not think I am fearless. I’m afraid of. Fear accompanies me forever. And that’s fine. And I don’t know of an actor or actress, who would not have experienced fear when starting a particular project, role, and before and after and during work. But I am curious by nature. And curiosity, the desire to learn more about human nature, about people – that’s what motivates me. But even going on the red carpet, I can be in despair, in shock or, on the contrary, very happy. Every time different. And you can my despair, shock or happiness is always in actual fact to see…

— How do you feel about the battle of the supporters of the cinema in its classical form, and those who believe that at the festival it’s time to expand the boundaries and let the TV movies and series, like this year? You have played in one of those that showed here – in the series of your compatriot the Australian Jane Campion’s “Top of the lake”…

I still love going to the cinema, to sit in a dark room and watch movies.Here as we sit here in the Palace and watching a movie is incomparable. But why compare? When you work for television, it doesn’t mean doing something stupid? The TV movie is also beautiful and talented can be. And everyone knows it. After the release of my TV series”Big little lies” I couldn’t believe that he would be such a success to have. I constantly ask — and whether to do a sequel? People were coming up after each new episode and was wondering what will happen next. Yes there tortured me! (Laughs). Direct pure insanity — who would have thought!

— I think, like many that full-length film will soon come to an end and all “leaves” in the TV — and the actors and Directors and everything?..

— I hope this will never happen. I would have bitterly suffered and grieved, if such happened and the movie would have died. Because people still love going to the movies — they talk!

— You have had an amazing career. What does it mean to you to be a star of this magnitude?

I’m trying to behave and to live and work like I’m 21 again! And just starting their careers. That’s how I feel at this stage of his life. That makes me very happy, of course. Why superstar feel. Rather, part of my native film industry. You never know what will happen tomorrow. It means to be an actor. Red carpet, flashes of cameras, I try to always remember. And whenever I recalled those lovely moments I have every once of breath. But I’m just an actress. The actress that I deeply respected Directors are invited to their paintings, giving me this great honor. And not Vice versa.

— What are your brightest memories from previous visits to Cannes?

— I remember having a very wild party on the occasion of the premiere of “Moulin Rouge”. About two o’clock I found myself behind the DJ booth! (Laughs). Don’t ask me. DJing has never been my strong suit. But then I was ready for anything. Wine and one glass — to say nothing… And this year I’m mostly at parties dancing. With her beloved husband.